Consultant's Help Desk: Web-based help desk software for the IT consultant

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There are 2 pricing plans, one for your site to be remotely hosted, and another for you to run the software on your own server and manage it yourself.

  • Remote Host Plan
    • $25 per month for one admin/tech
    • $25 per month for each additional 2 admins/techs
  • Your Server Plan
    • $600 initial license for 1 admin/tech
    • $350 for each additional 2 admins/techs
    • Requires Coldfusion Server to run

Remote Host Plan Includes:

  • All upgrades and updates
  • Unlimited email support
  • All required hosting of database and related web pages
  • Initial customization and setup of help desk
  • 100 MB of file space

Your Server Plan Includes:

  • All upgrade and updates first year
  • $500 per year for support and upgrades after the first
  • Unlimited email support
  • Initial customization and setup of help desk
  • Source code

How to order:

First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Number of licenses needed
Please include full names and email addresses for additional technicians and administrators you want created
Questions or comments

Your help desk can be remotely hosted and managed to provide the best availability and reliability, accessible anywhere through the web, all with no administration overhead

Everything you need for your helpdesk; service requests, inventory, sales, billing, a knowledge base, task calendar, email and much more.
Consultant's Help Desk includes an integrated knowledge base to store all your client information