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Service Requests

  • Flexible service requests
  • Task calendar
  • Complete request management
  • Many actions per request
  • Track technician mileage and expenses per request
  • Notify technicians and clients of updates
  • Take service requests via email

Flexible service requests
Service requests can be entered on behalf of a user by a technician, by a user for another user, or by a user for themselves. Requests include the title and details of a request, a request completion date, a priority level, and other items to help handle the requests. Users can see requests after they are entered and see when they are updated by service personnel

Task Calendar
All scheduled or requested service shows on the request calendar. See it in either a weekly or daily view. You can see all request details from the calendar with a simple mouse-over. Assigned tasks are color coded by the technician assigned so you can easily see your technician's schedules.

Complete request management
There are many ways to view and manage support requests in Consultant's Help Desk. Search all requests, see requests in a calendar view, order requests by type, and see the information you want to see it. Your clients can log in and see the progress of their requests and when items are scheduled without having to call or email.

Many actions per request
Most requests from your clients are not completed in one action or in one billable rate. Each request can be divided into as many actions as needed, each performed by a different person and each in a different category. This allows for more accurate billing and a better way to track user requests and technician actions.

Track technician mileage and expenses per request
As your technicians work on their assigned action they can not only log their actions, but log their mileage and expenses so you can better track reimbursement and spending

Notify technicians and clients of updates
If your clients and technicians prefer they can get updates over email based on how they set their preferences, they can be notified of any changes or only those types of changes they wish to know about.

Take service requests via email
Service requests can be processed into the system through email, if a clients email address is in the system, a service request can be submitted and processed via email for them.



Your help desk can be remotely hosted and managed to provide the best availability and reliability, accessible anywhere through the web, all with no administration overhead

Everything you need for your helpdesk; service requests, inventory, sales, billing, a knowledge base, task calendar, email and much more.
Consultant's Help Desk includes an integrated knowledge base to store all your client information

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