Consultant's Help Desk: Web-based help desk software for the IT consultant

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Consultant's Help Desk

A complete remotely hosted help desk
Consultant's Help Desk runs entirely on remote servers, after your account is set up all you need to do is link your website to your custom designed Consultant's Help Desk site and your help desk is ready to use.

Designed with the IT consultant in mind
Most help desk products are designed for a company's internal help desk. Consultant's Help Desk is a full service help desk package designed for the external IT consultant, with easy ways to manage and support all of your clients.

Integrated knowledge base with search
Keep track of your important information. You can create knowledge base articles to share with your technicians and your clients. Articles can have attached files and you can restrict who has access to each articla. All records, along with all service requests can be searched to find what you need.

Integrated Email functionality and features
Email is important to how you run your help desk. Consultant's Help Desk integrates email functionality so you can email your clients and technicians. Included is the ability to receive support requests through email which will automatically be entered into your support systems. Finally, all actions can provide email status updates based on user and technician preferences.

Integrated Invoicing and Invoice Export
Set your billing rates on a per client and per category structure and generate invoices for your clients. Invoices can be exported to Excel format to import into your accounting systems. End users can see their personal up to date invoices, and administrators can see comprehensive invoices for all clients. Labor can now be directly exported to Quickbooks.

Integrated Inventory and Sales
Keep track of your inventory and sales from within the help desk. Create and manage any form of inventory and assign it to an office. Inventory items can be attached to service request so their history can be tracked.

Completely Customizable
Totally customize most aspects of the help desk, you can change what menu items show to what users, what help text is displayed to users and control page security. You can also change colors and fonts, graphics and many other aspects of how your site will display.


Your help desk can be remotely hosted and managed to provide the best availability and reliability, accessible anywhere through the web, all with no administration overhead

Everything you need for your helpdesk; service requests, inventory, sales, billing, a knowledge base, task calendar, email and much more.
Consultant's Help Desk includes an integrated knowledge base to store all your client information

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